Brittany Amell: Writer. Teacher. Coach.

Student. Belief Suspender.



I believe it was Stephen King who once said "I write to know what I think."

Writing hardly feels like an option for me. Some choose to capture their moments through camera, I capture mine through words (and, if I am lucky, the camera works too).

I currently write for elephant journal in a semi-regular fashion, but you'll find most of my stuff appearing here first.

One day, I want to tell you about the book I've published. But for now, I tell you to check out my blog.




Teaching is a philosophy and a way of life for me.

I have formally taught yoga for the last 5 years, tutored and mentored students academically for almost a decade and am now working on my certification as an English Language and Writing teacher.

One day I hope you will find me sharing my passion for pedagogy at colleges, universities, and community centres.

For now, I focus on leading workshops through my coaching practice and/or offering yoga classes to the community.



Certified as an Executive Coach in early 2012, I started Fluidity Coaching initially to serve individuals moving through transition and change. My coaching practice has evolved since then, and I have had the privilege of coaching individuals and teams in a variety of  settings.

Currently on contract with Carleton University, you'll find me happily coaching students towards academic success in the Learning Support Services department.

In the past I've worked with Startup Canada towards building a nation-wide organizational strategy, with Christie Lake Kids on a business development strategy, with the University of Fredericton on a social media strategy, and with Youth Ottawa toward an organization realignment strategy.

Interested in exploring coaching? Contact me.